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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2010 - SEYS 753

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Create and maintain a blog related to an aspect of science or science education

Due Date
- 9/30/2010

Possible Points - 10

How to Submit -
  • Post the URL (link) to your blog on the Discussion Board in BlackBoard.  Please make sure to edit the subject line so that it includes your name and the number of the assignment.
  • You do not have to put your first and last name on the blog.
Instructions for Assignment 2
  1. This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.  
  2. Read through the following to get an idea of how blogs work:
  3. IMPORTANT:  Read "Precautions when using blogs in education"
  4. Create a blog using one of the following online tools (Please Note:  I recommend using Blogger since we all have gmail accounts.  You can go ahead and play around with the others, but for this assignments, please make a blog with Blogger).
  5. Science Education blogs
  6. Interesting links related to blogs and education
Scoring Guidelines

Your blog should include the following:
  • A title (1 point)
  • Goals - what are you trying to do with your blog (1 point)
  • At least one science or science education topic (1 point)
  • At least seven different posts during the semester.  ( 1 point per post)
You can receive a maximum of 10 points for this assignment.

Reminder:  Please make sure to post the URL to your blog on the Discussion Board in BlackBoard.