Queens College
Division of Education
Secondary Education and Youth Services

Science Education Program

SEYS 777                                                            Dr. Brian Murfin

Research Seminar I - Review of Literature Presentation


An important feature of this seminar is to share the findings of published studies in your area of research with your peers.  As a requirement for successfully completing this course, you will give an informal overview of your literature review findings.  You can use PowerPoint or other visual aids to enhance your presentation.  

Your overview should:

  1. Describe what you have found through reviewing the literature (to date) on the research topic.  Summarize the main ideas contained in the literature. What are some patterns that have emerged?  For example, to what extent do the studies “agree” in terms of their outcomes?  What are some incongruities, inconsistencies or lack of adequate data related to the research topic (if any)?  As a consequence, what issues do you foresee (if any) in designing your own study?   
  1. Conclude with a sentence or two that links the review of literature presentation to your intended research.  For example, your presentation might focus on, “Gender and Self-Esteem and Science Achievement” while your specific area of investigation might be, “What is the relationship between self-esteem and first semester science grades of eighth grade students?”
  1. For literature reviews that deal with areas outside of  education or cognitive research,  present an overview of what you have read and learned.  How will they inform your project next year?

Please refer to the schedule below. Each person will have a maximum of ten minutes for their presentation.  

A computer will be in the room with a projector.  Please contact me by email for other media equipment that you would like available at least two days before you are scheduled to present.  This presentation will count for 25 of  100 points.   Click here to see the scoring guidelines.

We will meet for the full period of time for SEYS 777 during the next 2 weeks (7:10 PM – (9:25 PM)                                      


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