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Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2010 - SEYS 753

In this course, you are required to complete six assignments.  The assignments are spread out over the sixteen weeks so that you should have plenty of time to complete each one.  Each assignment is graded on as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with extra points possible for exceptional work.  

Assignment DescriptionInstructionsHow to SubmitScoring GuidelinesDue
Possible Points
Assignment 1Review of a web 2.0 application OR Review of an open source software application for possible use in science educationAssignment 
1 instructions
How to submit
Assignment 1
Scoring guidelines
Assignment 2Create and maintain a blog related to an aspect of science or science educationAssignment 
2 instructions
How to submit
Assignment 2
Scoring guidelines
Assignment 3 – Creation of an individual web site to serve as an electronic portfolio to display all work in this classAssignment 
3 instructions
How to submitAssignment
Scoring guidelines
Assignment 4 – Critical review of an educational technology book from the list of recommended booksAssignment 
4 instructions
How to submitAssignment
Scoring guidelines
Assignment 5 – Grant proposal to fund a project that makes innovative use of technology in science education, donorschoose.orgAssignment 
5 instructions
How to submit Assignment 5Assignment 5
Scoring guidelines

Assignment 6 Group project 1) Create, edit and post an educational science video on and OR Group project - Create, edit and post an educational science podcast on itunes,

2) web page with a lesson plan and,

3) explanation should also be provided.

4) Presentation

(10 points each)
Assignment 6  instructionsHow to submit

Assignment 6
Scoring guidelines
Extra credit (Maximum of 20 points)Extra credit instructions5/20/201020
ParticipationActive participation in all class activities. Participation
Not applicableEntire semester10