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in 2017 (Carly Tocco, Karen Abraham, Claudia, Pooja Shaam, Aaron Bortz)

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in 2014 (Nathasha Chait, Carly Tocco, Claudia, Alison Baren, Peryl Agishtein, Vaidehi Jokhakar)

in 2011 (Sandrina Brown, Peryl, Neda Moinolmolki, Claudia, Jacquelyn Shapiro,
Jennifer Ditta, Danny Sanchez, Chelsea Palladino)


in 2009 (Neda, Daniella Adler, Anna Karabelas, Claudia, Aleena Aslam, Peryl)

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Fun with nails


Did you know that Stanley Milgram attended Queens College as an undergrad?


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Fraley lab circa 2003 (Halloween)