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Christopher R. H. Hanusa

Address:       Queens College Mathematics, Kiely 243
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Queens, NY 11367-1597    
Phone:       (718) 997-5964    
Fax:       (718) 997-5882    
E-mail:       chanusa@qc.cuny.edu    
Websites:       http://qc.edu/~chanusa/    
This HTML version is current as of May 2017.
Also available in a PDF file which is current as of April 2022.
2020–present     Professor, Queens College, Queens, NY.
2015–2020     Associate Professor, Queens College, Queens, NY.
2008–2015     Assistant Professor, Queens College, Queens, NY.
2005–2008     Robert Riley Assistant Professor, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY.
Sept. 2003–June 2005      Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Ph.D. Thesis:
A Gessel-Viennot-Type Method for Cycle Systems and Applications to Aztec Pillows
Henry Cohn.     
Sept. 2001–June 2003      M.S. in Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.     
Aug. 1997–May 2001     B.S. in Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA.
Graduated with Distinction and with Honors in Mathematics.
A Generalized Binet's Formula for kth Order Linear Recurrences: A Markov Chain Approach
Francis Su.     
Grants and Fellowships
2016–2017     PSC-CUNY Research Award TRADA-47-191. Rational Catalan combinatorics and their visualizations.     
2016–2017     Shapeways EDU Research Grant (First of its kind, for innovation in 3D printing.).     
2014–2015     PSC-CUNY Research Award TRADA-45-60. Statistics on simultaneous core partitions.     
2012–2014     CUNY Graduate Center Graduate Research Technology Incentive (Round 16) ($50,000 in institutional funds dedicated to the Queens College Department of Mathematics). Sought and received matching funds ($150,000) from the Queens College Technology Fee to renovate Kiely Hall Room 258 into a state-of-the-art mathematics lecture hall.
2013–2014     PSC-CUNY Research Award TRADA-44-168. Applications of core partitions.
2012–2013     PSC-CUNY Research Award TRADA-43-127. Research in core partitions.     
2011–2012     PSC-CUNY Research Award TRADA-42-115. Combinatorial interpretations in affine Coxeter groups.     
2010–2011     PSC-CUNY Research Award PSCREG-41-303. Fully commutative elements in affine Coxeter groups.     
2009–2010     PSC-CUNY Research Award PSCOOC-40-124. Sequences, Matrices, and Graph Theory.     
2005     VIGRE Fellowship, UW Department of Mathematics.
Honors and Awards
March 6, 2013     First Place Poster Presenter, ICERM Workshop on Whittaker functions, Schubert calculus, and crystals. Providence, RI.     
May 5, 2012     Sole recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award, Metro New York Section of the Mathematical Association of America     
2003–2004     Excellence in Teaching Award, UW Department of Mathematics.     
2001     Graduate School Merit Award, University of Washington.     
2001–2005     Teaching Assistantship, UW Department of Mathematics.     
2001     NSF Fellowship Honorable Mention.     
2000–2001     MCM Competition–Outstanding, Spring 2001; Honorable Mention, Spring 2000.     
1998     Freshman Mathematics Award, Harvey Mudd College.
Papers and Talks
Portfolio of Various Media
Research Interests
Conferences and Workshops
May 5–7, 2017     Construct3D 2017. Durham, NC.     
November 7–11, 2016     AIM Workshop on Polyhedral Geometry and Partition Theory. San Jose, CA.     
June 27–July 1, 2016     Illustrating Mathematics, an ICERM Topical Workshop. Providence, RI.     
August 5–8, 2015     MAA MathFest. Washington, DC.     
August 2–4, 2015     MOVES Conference. National Museum of Mathematics, NYC, NY.     
June 23–27, 2014     Stanley @ 70. Cambridge, MA.     
October 5, 2013     Discrete Math Day at Wesleyan College. Middletown, CT.     
June 24–28, 2013     Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Paris, France.     
May 21–24, 2013     2013 Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
March 4–8, 2013.     ICERM Workshop on Whittaker functions, Schubert calculus, and crystals. Providence, RI. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
May 22–25, 2012     2012 Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
April 21, 2012     Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Springfield, MA.
September 8–9, 2011     NY Workshop on the Symmetric Group. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
June 13–17, 2011     Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Reykjavik, Iceland.     
April 9–10, 2011     AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting Worcester, MA.     
November 19, 2010     Ninth Northeast Probability Seminar. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
August 5–7, 2010     MAA MathFest 2010. Pittsburgh, PA.     
June 8, 2010     Technology in Mathematics Instruction Conference 2010. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
November 20, 2009     Eighth Northeast Probability Seminar. Columbia University, NYC.     
October 14, 2009     CUNY High Performance Computing Parallel Computing Workshop. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
September 26, 2009     Discrete Math Day at Misericordia College. Dallas, PA.     
July 20–24, 2009     Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Hagenburg, Austria.     
May 16, 2009     Graph Theory Day Fifty-Seven. Nassau Community College. Garden City, NY.
January 6–9, 2008     Joint Mathematics Meetings. San Diego, CA.     
September 15, 2007     Discrete Math Day at Middlebury College. Middlebury, VT.     
February 12–16, 2007     Statistical Mechanics and Combinatorics. Val-Morin, Québec, Canada.     
May 6, 2006     Discrete Math Day at Binghamton University. Binghamton, NY.     
June 20–25, 2005     Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Taormina, Italy.     
Jan. 31–Feb. 4, 2005     MSRI workshop on Markov Chains in Algorithms and Statistical Physics. Berkeley, CA.     
Jan. 5–8, 2005     Joint Mathematics Meetings. Atlanta, GA.     
June 28–July 2, 2004     Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics. Vancouver, BC, Canada.     
March 2004     International Biometric Society–ENAR. Pittsburgh, PA.     
Oct. 28, 2000     Mt. Baldy Mathematics Conference. Claremont, CA.     
Mathematical Activites
2016–2017     Referee for PSC-CUNY Grant Proposals.     
2011–2015     Co-Organizer of the New York Combinatorics Seminar.     
2009–2012     Creator, organizer of the Queens College Mathematics Colloquium.     
September 2011     Co-organizer of the NY Workshop on the Symmetric Group. CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.     
2010–2013      Member of the MAA.     
May 6, 2006     Co-organizer of Discrete Mathematics Day at Binghamton University.
2005–2008     Co-organizer of the Binghamton University combinatorics seminar.
2004–2005     Co-organizer of the University of Washington combinatorics and geometry seminar.     

Referee for: American Mathematical Monthly, Annals of Combinatorics, Ars Combinatoria, Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, European Journal of Combinatorics, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A, Journal of Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and its Applications, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics.     
     Reviewer for: 14th International Fibonacci Conference, Yau High School Mathematics program (Beijing).     
     Reviewer for: MAA Reviews.     
Teaching and Learning Activities
2015–2016     Organizer and moderator for the Circular Teaching Squad, with Queens College Center for Teaching and Learning. Topics: Recent innovative teaching practices use of technology in the classroom, giving up control in the classroom, teaching students how to learn, interdepartmental teaching collaboration.     
October 9, 2015     Consultant for a local Quantitative Reasoning workshop.     
October 7, 2015     Participant, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Day, Queens College DMNS.     
May 1, 2015     Presenter, Queens College Teaching and Learning Showcase, Center for Teaching and Learning. Queens College.     
May 9, 2014     Presenter, Teaching Innovation Carnivale, Center for Teaching and Learning. Queens College.     
Mar. 5, Apr. 29, 2014     Organizer and moderator for Experiential Learning Lunches, with Queens College Center for Teaching and Learning. Topics: Reflections on Spring 2014 teaching, Innovation in Education at Queens College.     
2012–present    Founding member of the Queens College Experiential Learning Group Participated in Experiential Learning Workshops, Oct., Dec. 2012, May, Nov. 2013. Presented teaching techniques and set group goals in Initial Experiential Learning workshop, June 2012.
January 6–10, 2014     Syllabus Bootcamp, Center for Teaching and Learning, Queens College.     
December 10, 2013     Teaching Innovation Lunch. Queens College.     
May 21–22, 2007     Institute for Student-Centered Learning Conference, Binghamton University.     
Student-Focused and Curricular Activities
Spring 2016     Development of Games and Puzzles Class.     
2015–2016     Redesign of Math with Mathematica Class.     
2014–2015     Recorded research podcasts with students in Combinatorics classes.     
2014–2015     Coordinated with math club and QC Development Office to bring alumni to campus.     
2014–15, 2017     Department liaison to the Math Club.     
2011–2014     Faculty advisor for the Mathematical Contest in Modeling Competition.
Initiated competition at Queens College in 2011. Sponsored two three-student teams in 2011, 2012 and one team in 2014. In 2011, one team was designated Meritorious. 
2011–2014    Faculty co-advisor for the William Lowell Putnam Competition at Queens College.
Designed and ran a Putnam Preparation course, Fall 2011, responsible for Putnam Exam participation of eight students, the most in one sitting since 1991.Organized weekly meeting of students to prepare for Putnam exam, Fall 2013.
October 2013     Organized math student participation in QC 75th Anniversary Poster Session.     
April 2013     Organized math student participation in Sigma Xi Poster Session.     
November 2012     Organizer of Queens College Post-bac Mathematics Education information session.     
September 2012     Organizer of Math for America information session.     
April 30, 2012     Organizer, Moderator of “Quantitative Careers” session in QC Careers in Science Seminar Series.     
March, 2012     Organizer, Moderator of “What can you do with a math major” town hall information session.     
September 11, 2009     Improving Mathematics Learning proposal design assistance workshop. Macaulay Honors College, NYC.     
2006–2007     Binghamton University learning community faculty contact.
A supported-learning group for incoming freshman. Discussions on teaching, learning, and mentoring, holding office hours in the dorm, organizing workshops on succeeding in math classes.
2005–2008     Faculty co-sponsor of the undergraduate math club, Binghamton University.     
2005     Organizer of the combinatorics pre-seminar for undergraduates.
Introduction to ideas present in the combinatorics seminar for research-motivated undergraduates.
Department Service
2016–present     Head of Math Department 3D printing lab     
2017–present     Department contact for HSI-STEM grant implementation     
2016–2017     Chair’s delegate for the repurposing of KY061 into Math/English group learning space     
Spring 2017     Set up Shapeways Online Web Shop for QC student artwork to benefit department     
Spring 2016     Committee to determine the curriculum for incoming NAVITAS Students     
March 2016     Video and Photo shoot with W. Wong in coordination with Alumni Affairs     
2015–2016     Department Self Study Curriculum committee chair and Faculty Development committee member.     
2015–2016     Co-chair of department teas     
November 2015     Providing content (writeup and pictures) for department newsletter     
October 2014     Organization of student photo shoot with A. Hassan     
Sept–Oct 2014     Preparation of mathematical posters with Reprographics and Creative Services     
2014–2015     Chair of department committee to repopulate Kiely Hall     
2012–2014     Administration of GRTI-16 funding for the Queens College Mathematics Department     
2011–2014     Department representative to the Queens College Undergraduate Research Council.
Helped promote and organize Queens College Undergraduate Research Conference each fall.
2009–present     Co-webmaster for the Queens College Mathematics Department     
May 2012     Designed and implemented an exit survey for graduating math majors.     
2009–present     Faculty contact for the Queens College Mathematics Computer Laboratory     
2013–present     Department liaison to the Office of Converging Technology.     
Other Activities
2016–2017     Profiled on the webpage of the Queens College Office of Undergraduate Research     
March 1, 2013     Facilitated the visit of Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin     
Summer 2011     Web developer for the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Redesigned the division website under consultation with Dean Liebovitch.
April 8, 2011     Technology director for the Queens College DMNS Faculty Achievement In Research Day.     
May 2016     Faculty Marshal at Queens College Baccalaureate Ceremony.     
May 2012– 2014     Faculty Marshal at Queens College Commencement.     
August 26, 2009     Volunteer for The Summit residence hall move-in     
2003–2004     Math Olympiad Program Co-Leader, TOPS at Seward Public School.
After-school program for fourth and fifth graders. Preparing questions, administering the Olympiad, preparing directed homework questions.

Masters Exams Supervised: F. Torres, Q. Zhuang, D. Borroni, L. Schultz, T. Hui, A. Mojacco, M. Fried, E. Corsini, A. Upton, L. Lohman, J. Lipani, R. Goffner, J. Oriental, B. Mohammed, S. Boudlal, T. Meigel, I. Whyte, H. Pierre, N. Sookram, M. Carman, C. Ambrosio, K. Berger, R. Agarwal, M. Duffy, D. Summers, A. Yaroslavskiy, R. Bohdanowycz     

Mentor for Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship: R. Hanson (2015–2016)     

Research Students Supervised in the Experimental Mathematics Laboratory: M. Pandazis, M. Chon, A. Lee, M. De Andrade, M. Striks, A. Yaroslavskiy, R. Bohdanowycz, T. Ehrenreich, D. Popik, A. Mahankali