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Queens College - 65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 11367

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SIBS Club will be held on the 4th floor (rooms 417-429) of Kiely Hall at Queens College. Please see the attached map of the campus to help you find the building.

Kiely Hall is located at the main entrance to Queens College, off of Kissena Boulevard. Kiely Hall is a tall building. You will pass the building on your right as you go past security and proceed to follow the road to the parking lot. You may park in parking lot #7 or #2.

Please see the map for the driving path from the main entrance to the parking lot. There is really only one path to drive through campus.

When you park, make sure your visitor parking pass is visible on the dash of your car. Security may check the cars parked on campus for parking privileges.
From parking lot #7, face the two tan stucco buildings with Spanish tile roofs at the back of the parking lot (you are facing the center of campus).


Walk up the steps between the two buildings and follow the path across the main lawn. You will now be facing Frese Hall. Turn right towards the large gray tower. This is Kiely Hall. Enter Kiely Hall through the door directly across from Frese Hall.

The enclosed map also shows the walking path from parking lot #7 to Keily Hall. We will have signs posted to assist you on the first day.

Once you enter Kiely Hall, walk down the stairs and through the double doors. The elevator is immediately on your left. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. Exit the elevator to your left. SIBS Club meets in the classrooms (rooms 417-429) through the first set of double doors. From the elevator you should see the coordinator checking families in.