NYS Regents Living Environment/Biology Laboratory
This is a collection of labs that pertain to the NYS Regents Living Environment/Biology Curriculum.  
The labs are organized by units/topics and may be downloaded and used for non-profit educational use.  
Many thanks to Mr. Jim Buckley and other science teachers who have shared thier original activities and materials! 

Laboratory Guidelines
How to Write a Lab Report

Scientific Inquiry and Basic Laboratory Skills
Laboratory Safety
Observations and Inferences
Scientific Method Lab
Graphing Activities
Measurement (Distance, Mass, Volume)
Introduction to the Light Microscope
Microscopic Measurement

Organization and Patterns in Life
Chromatography with Magic Markers
Paper Chromatography with Spinach
Comparing Animal Cell to Plant Cell
Enzymes - Effect of pH
Enzymes - Effect of Temperature
Yeast Respiration Lab
Onion Root Tip and White Fish Blastula Mitosis

Homeostasis and Immunity

Bullfrog Dissection
Blood Volume and Type
Stress Test
Infection Simulation

Genetics and Biotechnology

DNA Extraction
Human Karyotyping
Determining Your Genes
Monohybrid Crosses and Modes of Inheritance
Protein Synthesis Simulation
Who Ate the Cheese?!

Reproduction and Development

Menstrual Cycle Graphing

Origin of Life and Evolution

Dichotomous Keys Lab #1
Dichotomous Keys Lab #2 Part 1
Dichotomous Keys Lab #2 Part 2
Evolutionary Relationships


Deer Predation or Starvation
Feeding Relationships
Owl Pellet Dissection

NYS Mandated Lab Guide
NYS Mandated Lab Guide