Multivariable Calculus

Welcome to Math 201, Multivariable Calculus, this Spring 2021!

Course Information

Important Course Links

  • Online Campus Community on Campuswire
  • Homework Assignments are submitted on Webwork.
  • Written Assessments are submitted on Gradescope.
  • Mathematical Software for 3D visualization on Mathematica Online
  • Optional Online Resources are available on WebAssign. (Subscription required.)

Key Dates

  • First Day of Class:┬áMonday, February 1
  • Last Day of Class: Monday, May 17

Office Hours:

Office hours is the time that instructors set aside outside of class time for students to come and ask questions. I am happy to help you with your homework and other class-related questions or concerns. During the first week of class I will send out a survey to determine the best times for office hours and they will be posted by the end of the the first week of class. If those times don't work for you, send me an email or DM and we'll set up a time that works for you.

Multivariable Calculus resources:

Computing resources:

Succeeding in Math Class:

Mathematica Code snippets:

  • ParametricPlot[{t + 2 Sin[2t], t + 2 Cos[5t]}, {t, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}]
  • ParametricPlot[{1.5 Cos[t] - Cos[30t], 1.5 Sin[t] - Sin[30t]}, {t, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}]
  • ParametricPlot[{Sin[t + Cos[100 t]], Cos[t + Sin[100 t]]}, {t, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}]
  • ContourPlot3D[ x^2 + y^2 - z^2/4 == 1, {x, -4, 4}, {y, -4, 4}, {z, -8, 8}, Axes -> True, PlotRange -> All, AxesLabel -> {"x", "y", "z"}]