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Ammiel Alcalay is past Chair of the Department of Classical, Mid-Eastern, & Asian Languages and Cultures at Queens College. Scholar, critic, editor, translator, and poet/prose writer, his scholarly and creative work has focused primarily on Hebrew and Jewish literature of the Middle East, in its Islamic, Levantine Arab, and Israeli contexts. Author of After Jews and Arabs, The Cairo Notebooks, and Keys to the Garden: New Israeli Writing, he has also edited and translated five other works, including Sarajevo: A War Journal. His poetry, prose writings, reviews, and translations have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, The New Republic, The Village Voice, The Jerusalem Report, among other distinguished publications.

Lecture Topics:
Israeli Literature
Class and Culture in Israel: Mizrahim and Ashkenazim
Israel's Place in the Middle East
Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians
Israel and Palestine

Isaac Alteras is Professor of History at Queens College, where he teaches courses in Modern Jewish history, American Jewish history, Zionism, and Contemporary Israel. A former director of the Center for Jewish Studies, he is also lecturer-in-residence at the Herzl Institute and scholar-in-residence at the Tarbuth Foundation of Hebrew Culture. Among his important published works are Eisenhower and Israel: U.S.-Israeli Relations, 1953-1960, as well as scores of articles and reviews on Jewish history and the Middle East in such publications as Midstream, The Jewish Quarterly Review, The Journal of Contemporary History, American Jewish Archives, among others.

Lecture Topics:
The Hebrew Roots of Democracy
Zionism and Jewish Nationalism: A Historical Perspective
Israel and the Palestinians: A Historical Perspective
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Truman, Eisenhower and Israel; U.S.-Israeli Relations, 1948-present
Medieval and Modern Antisemitism
The Emergence of Hasidism
The French Revolution, Napoleon, and the Jews
Jews Under Czarism and Communism.

Thomas Bird is Professor of European Languages in the Queens College Department of European Languages and Literatures. In addition to teaching Russian, he teaches a year-long introductory course in Yiddish language, and has taught courses on Soviet Yiddish Literature, The Image of the Jew in Russian Literature, The Jews in Tsarist Russia, and The Jewish Communities of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991. A former director and co-director of the Jewish Studies Program at QC, he has served as a member of the editorial board of Yidishe sprakh, secretary and chairman of the Yiddish section of the MLA, and vice-president of The League for Yiddish. His surveys, reviews, articles, and translations of Yiddish literature have appeared in Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century, Yidishe kultur, The Night of the Murdered Poets, Leksikon fun nayer yidisher literatur, among other significant volumes.

Lecture Topics:
The History of Yiddish
The Makeup of the Yiddish Language
The Holocaust in Yiddish Literature
The Holocaust in Russian Literature
Yiddish Language and Literature Today
The Yiddish Writers of Vilna: Grade, Rabon, and Sutzkever
Jews Under the Czars
Jews Under the Commissars

Ann Brener is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at Queens College. Dr. Brener earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her doctorate from Cornell University. The many years she spent living in Israel has allowed her to develop a wide range of interests in Hebrew culture, ranging from medieval and modern literature to Israeli art and music.

Lecture Topics:
Medieval Hebrew Poetry
Judah Halevi and his Songs of Zion
The Golden Age of Spain, as Seen Through the Poetry of Judah Halevi
and Moses ibn Ezra
Samuel the Prince-A Rabbi, Warrior, and Poet in 10th Century Spain
Isaac ibn Khalfun-A Wandering Poet of the 11th Century
The Emergence of Modern Israeli Art: Reuven Rubin, Nachum Gutman, and the Utopian Circle of Zionist Art (with slides)
Israel's Wars as Reflected in Modern Hebrew Songs and Poetry (with music)
Love of the Land: Israeli Songs Celebrating the Rebuilding of the Land of Israel
(with music)
Love Songs in Modern Hebrew (with music)

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