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David Richter is Professor of English at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center and director of graduate studies at Queens. He has produced eight scholarly books and textbooks on narrative and literary theory, including Fable's End, The Progress of Romance, The Critical Tradition, and Falling into Theory. He is currently at work on the complex interactions between biblical narratives and their interpretive communities, which he will consider in a forthcoming book, The Robe of Samuel: Difficulty and Indeterminacy in Biblical Narrative.

Lecture Topic:
Biblical Narrative, Midrash and Literary Imagination

Alan Rosenberg is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Queens College. He is co-editor of Echoes from the Holocaust: Philosophical Reflections in a Dark Time and Healing their Wounds: Psychotherapy with Holocaust Survivors and their Families. Among his recent publications are "Hannah Arendt and the Etiology of the Desk Killer: The Holocaust as Portent," in History of European Ideas, vol 14; "The Unlearned Lessons of the Holocaust," in Modern Judaism; and "The Philosophical Stakes of the Heidegger Controversy," in The Journal of Value Inquiry (1993). He is also the special editor (with Paul Marcus) of an issue of The Psychoanalytic Review devoted to Bruno Bettelheim.

Lecture Topics:
The Meaning of the Holocaust for Our Times

Mark Rosenblum is an historian at Queens College where he is director of the Michael Harrington Center and head of its Middle East Project. Professor Rosenblum is an expert on the Middle East and has combined academic research and policy analysis with involvement in track two diplomacy. In that capacity he has attended numerous international peace conferences with leaders in Israel, Arab countries, and the PLO. He has been frequently cited as the Middle East expert and quoted in leading newspapers. He has also appeared as political analyst on radio and major TV shows. His expertise in conflict-resolution has also been applied to American urban, ethnic, and religious conflicts. In 1994, he founded a Trialogue Project of Jews, Arabs, and African Americans aimed at counteracting violence in New York.

Lecture Topics:
Israel and the PLO: From Negotiations to Implementations
Holy Warriors vs. Peace Makers: A Terrorist Breakdown or Negotiating Breakthrough
Hopes for the Middle East
The Role of Arab States in the Palestinian Question

Naftali Rottenstreich is a lecturer in English at Queens College, where he has taught courses in Cultural Studies, American Studies, the Bible, and Jewish American Fiction. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center where he is working on a dissertation exploring the sociological origins of the Jewish American novel.


Lecture Topics:
Jewish American Fiction
Jewish American Literary History
Abraham Cahan
Anzia Yezierska
Henry Roth
The Twentieth Century American Novel
Theories of Ethnicity
Literary Theories and the Jews

Arthur Shippee has taught a variety of courses in the Department of Philosophy at Queens College, most commonly an introduction to western religions, "Abraham's Children." He has studied in New York at both the Union Seminary and Jewish Theological Seminary, in Jerusalem at the Shalom Hartman Institute, and at Yale University, where he is writing his doctoral dissertation in Ancient Christianity. Among his publications is the book, The Pastor: Readings from the Patristic Period.

Lecture Topics:
Abrahamic Faiths in the Ancient World
Judaisms Under the Roman Empire
Earlier Interactions Among Jews and Christians
The New Testament Books as Jewish and Hellenistic Documents
Religion and Politics: Ancient Models
Questions that Antiquity Poses to Modernity
Teaching Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to Muslims, Christians, and Jews
Jewish Sects in Antiquity
Jewish Literary Traditions After the Bible

Joseph Sungolowsky is Professor of French Literature and Jewish Studies at Queens College. He is a graduate of the Lycee Massena (Nice, France). He holds the Baccalaureat-es-Lettres, a B.A. from Yeshiva University, an M.A. from NYU, a Ph.D. from Yale, and was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University. He is the author of Alfred de Vigny et le dix-huitieme siecle and Beaumarchais, as well as of studies on Zola, Flaubert, Romain Gary, I.B. Singer, Chaim Grade, Edmond Fleg, and Holocaust autobiography that have appeared in various journals. He was named Chevalier dans l'Order des Palmes Academiques (Knight in the Order of the Academic Palms) by the French government.

Lecture Topics:
French Poetry and the Bible
Rabbi David Sinzheim and the Sanhedrin of Napolean
Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair
Emile Zola and the Jewish Condition

Evan Zimroth is Professor of English at Queens College. A renowned author and poet, she is the author of the memoir Collusion (excerpted by the Book-of- the- Month Club in Cosmopolitan), the novel Gangsters (winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Fiction, 1996), and two books of poetry, Giselle Considers her Future, and Dead, Dinner, or Naked. She is finishing a commissioned work, "Marilyn (Monroe) at the Mikveh," and a novel, Archives, about a hidden child during the Holocaust, as well as writing a screenplay about the transports during the Holocaust.

Lecture Topics:
The Bible in Contemporary Fiction
Contemporary Jewish poetry
Using Jewish Sources to Write Fiction
The Holocaust Memoir
What is "Jewish" about a Jewish Novel?

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