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Volume 7, Fall 2009/ Spring 2010

Can Writing Change the World? (currently accepting proposals)

Volume 6, Fall 2008/ Spring 2009

Inside the Writer's Process (Interactive blog version)

(pdf Download pdf file 1.2 MB)

Volume 5, Fall 2007/ Spring 2008

Multilingual Queens (Interactive blog version)

( Download pdf file 4,258 kb)

Volume 4, Fall 2006/Spring 2007

General Education at QC

Download pdf file (2,868 kb)

Volume 3, Fall 2005/Spring 2006

Feedback: Responding to Student Writing

Download pdf file (2,045 kb)

Volume 2, Fall 2004/Spring 2005 ( Download pdf file, 958 KB)

From the Editors
Citation & Plagiarism: Some Thoughts
Some Observations on Quotation and Plagiarism
Plagio: A View of Plagiarism from Abroad
Lessons from Leo
Policing Plagiarism Online
Plagiarism, Property Rights, and Power

Volume 1, Spring 2004 ( Download pdf file, 1,620KB)

From the Editor
Teaching Writing in a Multilingual Environment
Queens College Writers at Work: Murphy Halliburton
Queens College Writers at Work, Rikki Asher and David Gerwin
Simplifying Writing Across the Curriculum: A Review of Art Young's Teaching Writng Across the Curriculum

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