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From the Editors

After the success of the Office of College Writing Programs' inaugural issue of "Revisions: A Zine on Writing at Queens College" during the Spring 2004 semester, we are pleased to be able to continue working toward our goal of promoting ongoing conversations about writing across the disciplines at Queens.

Our second issue focuses on the topic of citation and plagiarism and how both are encountered by writers of all levels whether student, teacher, or professional. We approached individuals within the community at Queens College to find out what their opinions were on this subject and asked them to comment on any experiences they may have encountered as writers and as readers. In addition, Writing Fellows Roberto Abadie, Rhona Cohen, Mehmet Kucukozer, Angelique Harris, and Maddalena Romano provide further insight to the topic of plagiarism and citation by delving into the many facets that the issue encompasses. Sean Egan also provides a visual and textual analysis of appropriate ways to cite sources based on already published material.

As always, we would really like to continue this conversation begun in "Revisions: A Zine on Writing at Queens College." As such, we welcome all readers to visit our website and participate in our WEBLOG at

We trust that you will find this zine useful to our collective stake in writing at Queens College and hope that it will provide other opportunities to inquire about issues pertaining to writing within our immediate community and the world at large.

--AH and DS

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Volume 2, Fall 2004/Spring 2005 (Download pdf file, 958 KB)

From the Editors
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