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All faculty can be reached via email, and individual appointments can arranged between students and faculty. See our list of online faculty office hours.

If you would like to reach the Music Office please call 718-997-3800 and leave a clear message. Office staff will return your call within 1-2 business days. You may also email jane.cho@qc.cuny.edu for any questions.

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Queens College, CUNY
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Due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, there are currently no regular in-person office hours. For all matters, please send an email to ACSM@qc.cuny.edu or jane.cho@qc.cuny.edu, or leave a phone message.

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Concerts Presented April 2007

April 11, 2007, 2:15 pm. Moisés Pena, Oboe. J.S. Bach, Partita for Oboe solo: Allemande, Courante. N. Skalkottas, Concertino for Oboe and Piano: Allegro giocoso, Andante tranquillo. R. Schumann, Romance No. 1: Nicht schnell. E. Carter, Etudes for woodwind quartet: Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 4.

April 11, 8:30 pm. Takuma Tanikawa, composer. Orange 2 for piano trio, Sketch 4 for piano, Violin piece, Golders Hill for Pierrot ensemble with percussion.

April 12, 2007, 12:15 pm. Elena Rojas, violin & viola and Wei-Hsien Lien, piano. Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978), "Nocturne" for Violin and Piano from Masquerade Ballet. Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924), Sonata in No. 1 in A Major, Op. 13: Allegro Molto, Andante, Allegro Vivo, Allegro quasi Presto. Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881), Sonata in B Flat, Op. 36: Maestoso-Allegro, Barcarolla, Finale Scherzando.

April 13, 2007, 3:00 pm. Jenny Hsin-Yu Chen, Clarinet. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), Trio Op. 114: I. Allegro, II. Adagio, III. Andantino, IV. Allegro. Claude Debussy (1862-1918), Premiere Rhapsodie. Hsin-Li Chen (1985- ), Taiwanese peony. Joseph Hororits (1926- ), Sonatina: I. Allegro calmato, II. Lente, III. Finale.

April 16, 2007, 4:15 pm. Michael Peer, Bass Baritone, Nobuko Amemiya, pianist. Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924), Au bord de l’eau, Op. 8 No. 1, Les Berceaux, Op. 23, No. 1, Chanson d’amour, Op. 27. No. 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), "Non piu andrai," aria from Le Nozze di Figaro. Piotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), Blagaslavlayu vas lesa, Op. 47, No. 5, Don Juan Serenada, Op. 38, No. 1. Giacomo Puccini (1856-1924), "Vecchia zimarra, senri," aria from La Bohème. Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835), "Vi ravviso," aria from La Sonnambula. Naomi Shemer (1930-2004), Jerusalem of Gold.

April 17, 2007, 4:15 pm. Mi Sun Song, clarinet, Jae Youn Yoo, piano. Robert Schumann, Romances for Oboe and Piano, op.94 Version for Clarinet: Nicht schnell, Einfach.innig, Nicht schnell. Johannes Brahms, Clarinet Sonata No. 2 in Eb. Op. 120 No. 2: Allegro amabile, Allegro appassionato, Andante con moto. Igor Stravinsky, Three Pieces. Henry Tomasi, Clarinet Concerto: Allegro giocoso, Scherzando (Nocturne), Subito allegro (Scherzo Final).

April 17, 2007, 6:30 pm. Emma Hospelhorn, flute. Olivier Messiaen, La Merle Noir (1952). Jacques Ibert, Concerto pour Flute et Orchestre (1934): i. Allegro, ii. Andante, iii. Allegro scherzando. Mikael Karlsson, Three Antagonists (2005): i. Loop, ii. Antiphonal, iii. Lower. Elliott Carter, Selections from 8 Etudes and a Fantasy for Woodwind Quartet (1950). i. Maestoso, ii. Adagio possible, iv. Vivace, v. Andante. Aaron Copland, Duo for Flute and Piano (1971): i. Flowing, ii. Poetic, somewhat mournful, iii. Lively, with bounce.

April 18, 2007, 3 pm. Magdalena Garbalinska, violin. Brahms, Sonata for Violin and Piano: I., II., III, IV. Bach, G minor Sonata. Dvorak, Violin Concerto: I., II., III.

April 19, 2007, Kyoung Ki Min, conductor. Mozart, Clarinet Concerto: I., II., III. Beethoven, Symphony No. 1: I., II., III., IV.

April 19, 2007, Francesa Han, piano. There was no program for this concert. Six numbers were played: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.

April 20, 2007, 12:30 pm. Brandon Silaco & Jonathan Singer, percussion. Askell Másson, Prím for Snare Drum. J.S. Bach/Trans. Silaco, Suite for solo cello No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008, Courante, Minuett 1 & 11, Gigue. William Anderson, A Giddy Thing for Vibraphone and Electronic Sounds. Yohei Kurihara, J.S. Bach/Trans. Silaco, Suite for solo cello No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008: Courante, Minuett 1 & 11, Gigue. Yohei Kurihara, sinking in the pond, she saw. Iannis Xenakis, Rebonds: A., B. Osvaldo Golijov, Mariel. Traditional North Indian, Jugalbandi (Duet).

April 20, 2007, 3 pm. Matthew J. Kasper, violin, Cullan Bryant, piano. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), Sonata No. 5 in F-major "Spring", Allegro, Adagio molto espressivo, Scherzo-Allegro molto-Trio, Rondo-Allegro ma non troppo. Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992), Théme et variations Pour Violon et Piano. César Franck (1822-1890), Sonata for Piano and violin in A-major, Allegretto Moderato, Allegro, Recitativo-Fantasia, Ben moderato, Allegretto poco mosso.

April 25, 2007, 7:30 pm. QC New Music Group, "Pierrot Mix". Eleanor Aversa, Music for Mixed Ensemble. Andre Bregegere, Vol de nuit . Stephen J. Nichols, Pigeons in the Park. Ben Krauss, Just Around the Corner. Susumu Watanabe, Toccata serena. Ed Klinger, "Meet me at the Mouth of the River". Christopher Czubay, Collage (2007). Takuma Tanikawa, Golders Hill.

April 26, 2007, 5:30 pm. Asuka Yamamoto, clarinet, Aleksandra Kocheva, piano. Alban Berg (1885-1935), Four pieces for clarinet and piano, op. 5 (1913): 1, 2, 3, 4. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), Sonata for clarinet and piano in E flat major, Op. 120, No. 2 (1894): I. Allegro amabile, II. Allegro appassionato, III. Andante con moto-Allegro. George Gershwin (1898-1937), Three preludes for piano (1926) (Arranged for clarinet and piano by James Cohn): I. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso, II. Andante con moto e poco rubato, III. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso. Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953), Sonata for violin and piano in D major, Op. 94b No. 2 (1943) (Arranged for clarinet and piano by Charles Neidich): I. Moderato, II. Scherzo, presto, III. Andante, IV. Allegro con brio.

April 27, 2007, 3:00 pm. Dae Il Yang, cello, Jing Jing Zhang, piano, Dae Jin Yang, violin. J.S. Bach, Suite for solo cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007: prelude, allemande, courante, sarabande, minuet I – II, gigue. Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sonata No. 2 for Piano & Cello in g minor, Op. 5, No. 2: adagio sostenuto ed espressivo; Allegro molto piu tosto presto, rondo, allegro. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholy, Piano Trio No. 1 in d minor, op. 49: molto allegro agitato, andante con moto tranquillo, scherzo: leggiero e vivace, finale: allegro assai appassionato.

April 27, 2007, 7:30 pm. 2007 Honors & Award Concert, Queens College Orchestra. Franz Josef Haydn , Cello Concerto in C-major (1st Movement), Sokol Nikaj, cellist, Reona Ito, conducting. Claude Debussy, Prélude á l’aprés-midi d’un faune, Tong Chen, conducting. Franz Schubert, Symphony No. 8 in b-minor ("Unfinished") (1st Movement), Kyoung Ki Min, conducting.

April 30, 2007, 2:15 pm. Sokol Nikaj, violoncello, Ejona Gjermeni, piano, Enika Gjokoreci, piano. Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827), Sonata for Piano and Cello in C Major, Op. 102, No. 1: Andante, Allegro vivace, Adagio – Allegro vivace. George Crumb (1929 - ), Sonata for Solo Violoncello: Fantasia, Tema pastorale con variazioni, Toccata. Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959), Variations on a Theme of Rossini. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Major, Op. 99: Allegro vivace, Adagio affettuoso, Allegro passionato, Allegro molto.

April 30, 2007, 5:00 pm. Rachel Smyth-Godinger, soprano, Josué Pagán, guitar. Luis de Milán (1500-c.1561), Pavan 1 & 2. Luys de Narváez (c.1500-c.1555), Fantasia del Quarto Tono. Robert de Visée, Suite in D minor: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte, Menuet 1 & 2, Gigue. Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959), Chorus No. 1. Henry Lawes (1596-1662), I Prithee send me back my heart. Thomas Campion (1597-1620), Shall I come sweet love to thee. Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643), Se l’aura spira. Giulio Caccini (1551-1618), Amarilli, mia bella. Carl Maria von Weber (1726-1826), Weigenlied. Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816) (arr. Fernando Sor 1778-1839), Nel cor piú non mi sento. Franz Schubert (1797-1839), Heidenröslein, Der Wanderer. Encore.

April 30, 1997, 6:15 pm. Andrew Page, piano. Robert Schumann (1810-1856), Arabeske, Op. 18 in C Major (1839). Franz Schubert (1797-1828), Sonata in Bb Major D. 960 (1828): 1. Molto Moderato, 2. Andante Sostenuto, 3. Scherzo – Allegro vivace con delicatezza, 4. Allegro ma non troppo. Claude Debussy (1862-1918), Three Preludes from Book 1 (1910): 1. Danseuses de Delphes (Dancers of Delphi): Lent et grave, XII. Minstrels: Modéré, XIII. La fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair): Trés calme et doucement expressif. Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), Ballade in G minor Op. 23 (1835-1836).