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Title of project:  Einstein I’m Ready for my Close-up

Goal of Project: 
The students will review 6th and 7th grade topics for the New York State Exam by creating a film on a topic of their choice in any genre. The films will be entered in a school Science Film Festival to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

We are requesting $600 for 4 Flip Video UltraHD Camcorder ($150 each)

Eighth grade students will be given a list of topics covered in sixth and seventh grade in which they can choose from. In groups of three or four they will research the topic of their choice, write a script and create a video to use as a teaching aid during review. The video may be in any genre – comedy, rap video, drama etc. The students will be given an opportunity during their science technology class to edit their videos.

What will the students do with the resources you have requested?
Students will be recording their videos and uploading them onto school computers for editing.

Students will have to meet requirement outlined in a rubric such as scientific accuracy, communication (script), creativity and use of technology. Once films have been completed they will be entered into a Science Film Festival held in the school auditorium. Friends, family, students, staff and community members will be invited to attend and vote for the best film. Prizes for first, second and third prize will be distributed.


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