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Handouts on Writing and Learning

Elements of the Essay

Elements of the Academic Essay / Gordon Harvey (WORD, 28.5Kb)
Gordon Harvey's "Elements" is a useful handout for developing a classroom vocabulary for discussing and evaluating writing. See Lesson Plans for classroom activities designed may help students work with it productively.

Essay Checklist (for Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences)(WORD, 62.5Kb), and
An alternative Essay Checklist for Math/Natural Sciences/ Jason Tougaw (WORD, 136Kb)
Jason Tougaw's "Essay Checklist" is designed to be used along with Gordon Harvey's "Elements"--to prompt students to reflect in specific terms on the strengths and weakness of their writing. It's useful to ask in addition that students submit a cover letter in which they expand on the self-evaluations they conduct with the checklist.

Keeping Your Essay Cohesive: The Spine / Jason Tougaw (WORD, 25Kb)

Essay Sketch (WORD, 24Kb) and one example (WORD, 32Kb) / Jason Tougaw

Phases of the Writing Process

Guidelines for Peer Review / Robert Cowen(WORD, 21Kb)
How to Get the Best Response from Your Professors / Ann Hoff (WORD, 26.5Kb)
A Word on Overcoming Writer's Block / Roslyn Ko (WORD, 25Kb)
Debate Workshop: Blocking Out a Case / Jacob Kramer (WORD, 34Kb)
Exercise on Levels of Measurement, Conceptualization and Operationalization / Dean Savage (WORD, 31Kb)
Draft Workshop / Jason Tougaw (WORD, 20Kb)

Working with Sources

Website Evaluation Exercise (WORD, 36Kb); Book Exercise (WORD, 38Kb)
Periodical Exercise/ Alexandra deLuise (WORD, 40Kb)
Notes on Academic Integrity & Citation / Soniya Munshi (WORD, 39Kb)
Learning to Use Information Resources Effectively / Dean Savage
Exercise on Measurement / Dean Savage (WORD, 27Kb)
Research Paper Guide (written in Spanish)/ Barbara Simerka (WORD, 48Kb)
Integrating Sources & Indicating Stance / Jason Tougaw (WORD, 28Kb)
Reading Films Critically / Andrea Walsh (WORD, 36Kb)
Activities for Evaluating Databases and Web Resources
Database Evaluation (WORD, 34Kb); Lexis Nexis Exercise (WORD, 42Kb)

Thesis and Motive

Writing with Purpose: Establishing Motive / Jacob Kramer (WORD, 28Kb)
Motivating Moves / Kerry Walk (PDF, 47Kb)

Style, Mechanics, and Grammar

Sentence Patterns / Kerry Walk (WORD, 24Kb)
This handout is useful for helping students to think explicitly about sentence structure and patterns--both writing complete sentences and varying the patterns and rhythms of their sentences.

Arts and Humanities

Reading Films Critically / Andrea Walsh (WORD, 36Kb)

Math and the Natural Sciences

Guidelines for Peer Review / Robert Cowen (WORD, 21Kb)
Writing Laboratory Reports / Ray Johnson
(PDF, 26Kb)
An alternative Essay Checklist for Math/Natural Sciences/ Jason Tougaw (WORD, 136Kb)

Social Sciences

Debate Workshop: Blocking Out a Case / Jacob Kramer (WORD, 34Kb)
Cognitive Guide for Social Sciences / Mehmet Kucukozer (WORD, 24.5Kb)