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Subject Writing Guides

These sites were created by faculty members and are designed to help with the writing conventions specific to subject areas like history, sociology, and psychology.

Guides created by Queens College faculty members:

Writing on History (authored by Prof. Peter Conolly-Smith)

This site is designed to answer your questions about various aspects of researching, writing, and editing papers on history.

Writing in Sociology (authored by Prof. Robin Rogers-Dillon)

Do you wake up in the middle of the night wondering: What is a sociological question? What is a literature review? What am I doing?

If you answered YES, then this web page is for you!

Writing in Music (authored by WAC's Arts & Humanities Caucus)

This site provides strategies and tips for students who are completing writing assigments within the music department, as for music faculty members who are looking for ways to foster better writing skills in their students.

(un)Enlightened English (created by Kelly, a tutor at the Writing Center)

(un)Enlightened English is a site created to teach various mechanics of writing while instilling humor and accessibility to the subject. Subjects can range from syntactical and grammatical structure, to Facebook and forum posts.

Guides from other universities:

Writing in philosophy

A Guide to APA Style of documentation

Online Tutorial for the MLA Documentation Style, Hunter College

The Psychology Writing Center, University of Washington

A Guide to Writing in the Biological Sciences, George Mason Univ.

Writing in Philosophy, University of North Carolina

Art history paper writing pages, Skidmore College

Art history writing guide, Wesleyan University

Revision in Business Writing, Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Computer Science Research and Writing, University of Central Florida

Writing in the humanities, University of Oregon

Writing a film paper, Wesleyan University

Writing about music, University of Calgary, Canada

Writing a Case Report

Writing a Literature Review, University of North Carolina

Writing a Scientific Paper

Writing a Biomedical Paper

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