There are a number of different types of writing assignments you are likely to encounter in history classes.

Professors assign different types of writing projects because each hones its own particular skill. Click on the desired link to learn more.

Regardless of which type of writing assignment you are preparing for, keep the following basic rules in mind: be sure to take issues of time management into account; refer to our note-taking tips; allow sufficient time for preparation and writing, to develop a thesis, for the proper organization of your paper, and to formulate a conclusion. Recognize your assignment as an opportunity to further your mastery of basic quoting skills (including annotation, bibliographies, and advanced quoting skills). In order to achieve better results, allow for time for drafts and revisions, avail yourself of all available resources, and avoid common stylistic errors along with other don'ts, including the perpetuation of common fallacies and - worst of all - plagiarism.

Above all, try to reach a deeper level of understanding of past events by writing about them. This website is designed to maximize your appreciation for, and your skill at practicing the fine art of good historical writing - enjoy!