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Our aim is to prepare you to function in an American University at the undergraduate or graduate level. Of course, that level of proficiency will enhance your business, professional, and social life too. The ELI offers two full semesters in the fall and spring, and two shorter summer sessions. For more information, see class schedule. Whether you are at an advanced level, have little or no knowledge of English, or are somewhere in between, you are placed in the class that is right for YOU. At each level, students work on listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar. All students who attend classes regularly and successfully complete their assigned work receive an official certificate at the end of each semester. Our teachers give personal attention to each student and evaluate individual progress throughout the semester. Classes are small, encouraging maximum participation. Students have access to a various labs on campus for additional practice. 

Our Examination  
The City University of New York recognizes the professionalism of our program. Students who have passed the Queens College ELI Final Exam with a certificate do NOT need a TOEFL score in order to apply to CUNY undergraduate and graduate programs that require a minimum TOEFL score of 500. However, we strongly encourage students to take the TOEFL test as well.