Chuixiang Yi, Ph.D.


Associate Professor

PhD Faculty in EES Program at GC/CUNY

PhD Faculty in Physics Program at GC/CUNY

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Queens College

City University of New York 

65-30 Kissena Blvd

Flushing, New York 11367

Phone: (718) 997-3366
Fax: (718) 997-3299





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How much drought can a tree take?

A new drought tipping point for conifer mortality

Climate extremes cut forest carbon storage


The climate after Trump

Ecosystem carbon flux linked to climate

Are droughts harming the world's grasslands?


WMO 2012 Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award Ceremony

Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award


The Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award 2012 was conferred upon Yi, C., D. Ricciuto, R. Li, J. Wolbeck, X. Xu, M. Nilsson, L. Aires, J. D. Albertson, C. Ammann, M. A. Arain, A. C. de Araujo, M. Aubinet, M. Aurela, Z. Barcza, A. Barr, P. Berbigier, J. Beringer, C. Bernhofer, A. T. Black, P. V. Bolstad, F. C. Bosveld, M. S. J. Broadmeadow, N. Buchmann, S. P. Burns, P. Cellier, J.M. Chen, J.Q. Chen, P. Ciais, R. Clement, B. D. Cook, P. S. Curtis, D. B. Dail, E. Dellwik, N. Delpierre, A. R. Desai, S. Dore, D. Dragoni, B. G. Drake, E. Dufrne, A. Dunn, J. Elbers, W. Eugster, M. Falk, C. Feigenwinter, L. B. Flanagan, T. Foken, J. Frank, J. Fuhrer, D. Gianelle, A. Goldstein, M. Goulden, A. Granier, T. Grnwald, L. Gu, H. Guo, A. Hammerle, S. Han, N. P Hanan, L. Haszpra, B. Heinesch, C. Helfter, D. Hendriks, L. B. Hutley, A. Ibrom, C. Jacobs, T. Johansson, M. Jongen, G. Katul, G. Kiely, K. Klumpp, A. Knohl, T. Kolb, W. L. Kutsch, P. Lafleur, T. Laurila, R. Leuning, A. Lindroth, H. Liu, B. Loubet, G. Manca, M. Marek, H. A. Margolis, T. A. Martin, W. J Massman, R. Matamala, G. Matteucci, H. McCaughey, L. Merbold, T. Meyers, M. Migliavacca, F. Miglietta, L. Misson, M. Mlder, J. Moncrieff, R. K. Monson, L. Montagnani, M. Montes-Helu, E. Moors, Ch. Moureaux, M. M Mukelabai, J. W. Munger, M. Myklebust, Z. Nagy, A. Noormets, W. Oechel, R. Oren, S. G. Pallardy, K. T. Paw U, J. S. Pereira, K. Pilegaard, K. Pintr, C. Pio, G. Pita, T. L. Powell, S. Rambal, J. T. Randerson, C. von Randow, C. Rebmann, J. Rinne, F. Rossi, N. Roulet, R. J. Ryel, J. Sagerfors, N. Saigusa, M. J. Sanz, G.S. Mugnozza, H. P. Schmid, G. Seufert, M. Siqueira, J. F. Soussana, G. Starr, M. A. Sutton, J. Tenhunen, Z. Tuba, J. P. Tuovinen, R.Valentini, C. S. Vogel, J. Wang, S. Wang, W. Wang, L. R. Welp, X. Wen, S. Wharton, M. Wilkinson, C. A. Williams, G. Wohlfahrt, S. Yamamoto, G. Yu, R. Zampedri, B. Zhao, X. Zhao, for their paper: Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents, Environmental Research Letters, 5, doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/5/3/034007, 2010.


Using a simple formula understands a complicated problem!

The ABI lab conducts research on canopy transport processes by developing theory, designing observations and performing numerical simulations to understand the physical, biological and chemical processes that control the exchange of trace gases between forest and atmosphere over complex terrain.


ABI is engaged in the following research area:

  Climate extremes and carbon cycle.

  Tree mortality and drought.

  Up-scaling U.S. CO2 flux from tower to satellite scales.

 Theoretically modeling the transport processes of momentum, heat, CO2/H2O within canopies.

  Analytically studying the instability of terrain-induced canopy flows.

  Numerically simulating the terrain-induced canopy flows over complex terrain.

  Intensive micrometeorology measurements over a complex terrain to study turbulent transport mechanisms in difficult conditions in Black Rock Forest.


No Authority in Science!

Albert Einstein made fundamental contributions to the development of quantum mechanics. However, he was never satisfied with the quantum worldview. In fact, during most of his life he attempted to find inconsistencies and paradoxes within quantum mechanics, and to destroy it. In this regard, Albert Einstein was not right.

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