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Welcome to the Writing Across the Curriculum home page!

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program is a resource for all faculty and students at Queens College. Our aim is to encourage, stimulate, and support a culture of writing on campus.

Writing is a crucial medium for the kinds of thinking college students and faculty engage in on a daily basis. We aim to foster writing practices that enable students and faculty to reflect on, understand, and explore knowledge within particular fields of study and the larger world these fields seek to understand.

The ability to write with confidence, purpose, and precision is essential to the success of graduates of Queens College. With this in mind, the College has developed a comprehensive statement on "The Goals for Student Writing at Queens College." The College's curriculum reflects ambitious goals for student writing intended to foster a commitment to ideas, engagement with texts, and ownership of language. Every student is required to complete English 110: College Writing and three writing-intensive courses, which may be taken in any department that offers them.

This site offers details about WAC projects and resources. WAC has many tentacles, all of them designed to make the campus conversation about writing intellectually stimulating, accessible, and practical:

Please feel free to contact the WAC offices for more information. You should also feel free to contact me directly.

I encourage you to stop by the WAC office in 316 Razran Hall. We have a growing library of books, articles, and teaching materials, and we are always happy to consult with students and faculty.

Jason Tougaw
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

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