Introduction to Graphing:

Graphs are used to visually analyze and communicate scientific findings. They are useful in a wide range of fields, from science and academia to business and finance; however, learning to graph can be difficult. Written instructions may not be the most effective, especially for a learner without prior experience with graphing or data analysis.

ACE lab research has found that video tutorials are more effective than text. Video instruction is popular for many computer tasks, including graphing and data analysis, and is used by textbook publishers and on websites such as YouTube®.

ACE Lab researcher Bryan Tyner ( created three video tutorials to help students learn to graph. These video series guide you through the process of creating and formatting a sample graph in accordance to APA standards (6th Ed.). They are designed for learners to follow along and complete the graph at their own pace by pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding parts of the video. Learners are also able to skip sections they know and focus on areas they have not fully mastered.

Below, we included a basic outline of the reversal, multielement, and multiple baseline graph, as well as a brief description about their common usage. After determining which design is appropriate to your study, start graphing with the tutorials!







Learn about Reversal Graphs

Reversal Graph Tutorial


Learn about Multielement Graphs

Multielement Graph Tutorial



Learn about Multiple Baseline Graphs

Multiple Baseline Graph Tutorial