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Resources for MATH142, Summer 2022

Course information

MATH142 is an overview of. Math 142 fulfills the following Pathways requirement: MQR. The learning outcomes for this category are: 1) Interpret and draw appropriate inferences from quantitative representations, such as formulas, graphs, or tables. 2) Use algebraic, numerical, graphical, or statistical methods to draw accurate conclusions and solve mathematical problems. 3) Represent quantitative problems expressed in natural language in a suitable mathematical format. 4) Effectively communicated quantiative analysis or solutions to mathematical problems in written or oral form. 5) Evaluate solutions to problems for reasonableness using a variety of means, including informed estimation. 6) Apply mathematical methods to problems in other fields of study.

  • Prerequisites:
  • Course Coordinator: Moshe Adrian; office Kiely Hall 603; e-mail:
  • Textbook: Essential Calculus, Second Edition, by James Stewart. We will cover Sections 3.7, Appendix B Sigma Notation, 4.1-4.5, 5.1-5.6, 7.1-7.4, and 7.7.
  • Midterms: There will be three midterms, held in class.
  • Homework : There will be homework every week, on WebAssign. To sign up, follow these instructions: 1) Go to 2) You will need to register, using the class key "qc 2170 2872 " (without quotation marks). If you have any trouble with webassign, there is a technical support hotline at 1-800-955-8275.
  • Final Exam: There will be no final exam.
  • Grading: The Homework will be worth 25% of the grade. Each of the midterms will be worth 25% of the grade.
  • Professor Office Hours:


  • Week 1:

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