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Moshe Adrian's Webpage


Resources for MATH650, Fall 2018

Course information

MATH650 is an introductory course in Algebraic Geometry.

  • Course Coordinator: Moshe Adrian; office Kiely Hall 603; e-mail: madrianaqc.cuny.edu
  • Textbook: I will be lecturing out of the book "Algebraic Geometry, A Problem Solving Approach", byThomas Garrity, et al.
  • Quizzes: There will be one quiz every week.
  • Grading: The final grades will be based around the following rubric: A range is 85-100, B range is 70-84, C range is 60-69, D range is 50-59, and anything below is an F.

  • Announcements:

  • Week 1: No quiz.
  • Week 2: No class Monday (holiday), Quiz Wednesday.
  • Week 3: No quiz.
  • Week 4: