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An ePortfolio (short for electronic portfolio, also called digital portfolio) is the virtual version of a physical portfolio: a collection of documents assembled for a specific purpose.

In  higher education, ePortfolios are used by both students (as part of course or degree requirements) and faculty (to assemble research or teaching materials). ePortfolios can also be flexible resources in institutional assessment of student learning.

A student ePortfolio might contain information about progress through an academic degree alongside samples of work (writing samples, summaries of projects, and reflections on progress) and discussion of future objectives. Such documents are assembled and organized inside a web-based interface that might incorporate a variety of file types including text, images, and sound.

In collaboration with faculty from GSLIS and SEYS, the Center for Teaching and Learning is involved in a pilot project that aims to bring a flexible ePortfolio platform to the College. The project includes the work of the QC ePortfolio team in a seminar, Making Connections, at LaGuardia Community College.

To learn more about ePortfolios at Queens:

Read the documentation for our ongoing ePorfolio pilot

Read documentation about the scope of the QC ePortfolio team's work in the 2008 Making Connections Seminar:
PDF Queens College ePortfolio group: stakeholders, role, background, goals, projects, accomplishments, next steps (June 12, 2008)
PDF Stakeholders' invitation to June Institute (May 28, 2008)
Read the QCePortfolios blog, to track the progress of the team as they pilot ePortfolios in their classes.


ePortfolio Pilot Project, 2009-2010

If you want to participate in an ePortfolio campus-wide pilot, and teach (or administer) a class that could benefit from an ePortfolio assignment, please contact Eva Fernández or Claudia Perry.


ePPEC: ePortfolio Platform Evaluation Committee

A group of faculty and administrators are currently evaluating a series of platforms for ePortfolios, with the objective of identifying a solution for Queens. The platforms being considered include:

For more information on ePPEC, or to participate in the conversations, please contact Eva Fernández or Claudia Perry.


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Blackboard users at Queens College have access to a tool, ExpoLX, which can be used to create an electronic portfolio. Click here for more information.