Proposing a Perspectives Course

Updated September 26, 2008

Departments propose courses to satisfy the General Education Perspectives in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) courses by submitting a proposal to the General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC). GEAC works with the proposing department to ensure the course meets PLAS criteria, for courses proposed to meet the following requirements:

GEAC recommendations regarding course proposals are forwarded to the UCC, which in turn forwards approved course proposals to the Academic Senate for adoption.

Processing time for course proposals

A proposal will take at least three months from the time it is submitted to GEAC to the time it is approved by the Academic Senate, and more time if revisions are requested by GEAC (or by the UCC). Departments are urged to take this into consideration when planning their timing of course proposal submissions.

There are no current deadlines for submissions.

Preparing the Supporting Documents

Each PLAS course proposal consists of two electronic documents, the first providing a justification for the course’s suitability for one of the PLAS Areas of Knowledge and Inquiry, and describing course materials, assessment, and administration, the second containing a sample syllabus or syllabi for the proposed course. Both documents are submitted to GEAC electronically, as described below.

The first supporting document ("Justification, Materials, Assessment, Administration") may be created using a template (RTF, PDF). The document must contain sections addressing each of the following:

The second supporting document ("Syllabus/Syllabi") must contain a sample syllabus for the course. Sample syllabi should incorporate remarks stating how the course meets particular PLAS goals.

Submitting a Course Proposal

Proposal Submission Page (opens a new window/tab)

To submit a course proposal, complete all information on the proposal submission page, attach the two supporting documents described in the previous section (a justification/materials/assessment/administration document and the sample syllabus or syllabi), and press the Submit button at the bottom. Email confirmation will be sent to the primary contact person entered on the submissions page. Complete proposals will be sent out for review immediately. We will get in touch with the primary contact person if any part of a proposal needs attention before it is sent out for review.

Archived announcements about PLAS proposals

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