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The Center for Teaching and Learning is involved in various projects related to teaching and learning. This page provides brief descriptions of and links to some of the Center's on-going work.

The Center for Teaching and Learning, alongside a team of faculty from the Graduate School of Information Studies and from Secondary Education and Youth Services, is working to identify solutions for a QC-wide electronic portfolios system.

Student Engagement
Data from the National Study of Student Engagement have prompted conversations among faculty and administrators on how to encourage student engagement.

Quantitative reasoning across the curriculum
This group examines how quantitative reasoning and mathematical literacy is expressed in the QC curriculum.

Blogging at QC
The Center for Teaching and Learning and Writing Across the Curriculum are co-sponsors of the blogging initiative at Queens. For over three years now, faculty and students have been using Movable Type blogs in a wide variety of classes.

Strategic Plan
The implementation of the Strategic Plan is underway, and the Center for Teaching and Learning is involved in a number of the Plan's strategies. For more information, please contact us.

Working with the Educational Technology Laboratory, the Office of Converging Technologies, and faculty from every division, the Center for Teaching and Learning is working to enhance resources and provide support for the use of rich-media technologies in teaching, including audio- and video-podcasting.

Training materials for instructors in Psychology
This page lists readings used in training sessions for instructors in 100- and 200-level courses in Psychology.

CASTL Seminars
This is a CUNY-wide forum of directors of centers for teaching and learning around CUNY.
The Online Group at Queens College (OlgaQC)
In January 2008, a group of faculty was formed to engage in three days of intensive training and semester-long continued support, on online teaching. During the Spring 2008 semester, lgaQC will meet on the third Tuesday of the month.

June 2007 PLAS Institute
In June 2007, a group of faculty from all divisions of the college gathered to discuss the new Gen Ed requirements, specifically the courses on Perspectives on the Liberal Arts and Sciences.


If you would like to have input on CTL projects or events, don't hesitate to contact us.

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