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Call for PLAS Proposals (updated May 12, 2008)

Departments propose courses to satisfy the General Education Perspectives in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) courses by submitting a proposal to the General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC). GEAC works with the proposing department to ensure the course meets PLAS criteria. Courses approved by GEAC are forwarded to the UCC, which in turn forwards the proposal to the Academic Senate for adoption.

Processing time for course proposals:

A proposal will take at least three months from the time it is submitted to GEAC to the time it is approved by the Academic Senate, and more time if revisions are requested by GEAC (or by the UCC). Thus we encourage departments to submit course proposals as soon as possible.

Courses to be considered as PLAS offerings for the Fall 2009 semester must be received by GEAC for review no later than September 1, 2008.


Call for PLAS Proposals (posted February 11, 2008)

The General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC), assembled to advise the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee on courses proposed for the new General Education curriculum at Queens College, requests proposals for courses in the category: Perspectives on the liberal arts and sciences (PLAS courses). PLAS courses are described at length in the document Proposal 2: Area Requirements, approved by the Academic Senate in 2006.

Proposals for both new courses and existing courses will be considered. Any proposals for new courses will be interpreted as a Department's desire to create a new course, and will be referred to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee as a new course proposal.

GEAC is especially interested in knowing how students will be made aware of the contributions of a given PLAS course to their liberal arts education. To ease the review process, we welcome proposals that clarify how the PLAS objectives of the course are communicated to students. This could be accomplished by any of the following means:

1. Remarks in course syllabi stating how the course meets particular PLAS goals;
2. A brief account of the PLAS goals of the course in the description of the course available to students;
3. Notes on assignments indicating how they meet particular PLAS goals.

Proposals should include the completed submission form and a sample syllabus. Further supporting information may be provided if necessary. Proposals should be submitted by either departmental curriculum committees or department chairs by email, to Eva Fernández. The form is available in the following formats:

Proposal form, RTF
Proposal form, MS Word
Proposal form, PDF

Until a fully automated electronic submission system is in place, we ask for your patience should there be delays in our acknowledging submitted proposals. For technical difficulties with the form or queries about an unacknowledged submission, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

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Pilot Courses, Spring 2008 (posted September 27, 2007)

Departments interested in piloting a Perspectives course during Spring 2008 should contact the UCC, as described in the email below:

Email on Spring 2008 piloting, from Ken Lord, UCC Chair
The MS Word document attached to that email is embedded in the file.  Inside the file, double-click on the document's icon to open the document.

Preliminary list of pilot Perspectives courses:

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