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The New Gen Ed Curriculum

In the Spring 2003 semester, President Muyskens appointed a task force charged to consider general education at Queens College: what it should be and how it might be reviewed and revised. The General Education Task Force produced a report in September 2004, proposing a new system for general education at Queens College, including recommendations for restructuring the undergraduate curriculum.

The new General Education curriculum, as articulated in the Task Force's report, identifies the following objectives:

Gen Ed OverviewThe Undergraduate Curriculum Committee's General Education Reform page provides links to the proposals approved by the Academic Senate. More documents from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC):

General Education Requirements Effective Fall 2009, as of December 11, 2008

Proposal 2: Area Requirements

Proposal for an upper-level Integrative Culminating Experience requirement, passed by the Academic Senate on October 15, 2009


Perspectives Courses

Entry-level courses on Perspectives on the Liberal Arts and Sciences are taken by students before completing 60 credits. On Perspectives courses, see the following:

Integrative Culminating Experience Courses

The upper-division requirement, as passed by the Academic Senate, is bipartite, with courses in the following two categories:



Please do not hesitate to contact the Center for Teaching and Learning with questions about any aspect of course planning and implementation.

We will announce upcoming forums, at Queens College and CUNY-wide, for faculty to discuss Perspectives courses and other aspects of the new curriculum, as well as to learn further about General Education.

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