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UR/ME: Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 pilot will engage over 70 students with 19 faculty, in the 17 projects listed below.UR/ME Undergraduate Research / Mentoring Education at Queens College


  1. Funded by the Office of General Education
  2. Funded by the Office of Graduate Studies & Research
  3. Funded by the Center for Teaching & Learning

All other projects are supported by funds from President Muyskens and Provost Stellar.

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Project Title
Psychology Brumberg Cortical circuits: development, structure and function
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Students: Safraz Khan, John Kalambogias, Mohiba Nasimi, Lauren Dowd, Adesh Bajnath, Stephane Eccles, David Orner
Joshua Brumberg
Linguistics & Communication Disorders Calandruccio Understanding speech in noise: impacts of hearing loss and speaking English as a second language
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Students: Anthony Del Rio, Jennifer Weintraub, Rosemarie Ott, Sarina  Katanov, Ana Sofia Lucero, Lauren Donohoe
Mentor: Lauren Calandruccio
Biology Dennehy Genomics research experience 1
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Students: Iantha Chan, Jayme Dachs, Stephen Streppone, Rafal Bystry, Edward Guterman, Alan Thomas, Christopher Trotman, Sana Siraj, Michael Khan, Mariana Terranova, Jodelyne Walker, Biancamaria Billington, Lauren Mordukhaev, Chandanie Persaud, Alexis Vives, Davina Wadler
Mentor: John Dennehy, James Carpino, Peter Novick
Biology Fath Copper nanoparticles as antibacterial agents
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Students: Samira Rabbanifar, Rivka Lederman
Mentor: Karl Fath
Drama, Theater, & Dance Healey Puppet theater workshop: creating a community-based puppet play about New York City's commuters
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Students: Henry Cheng, Tracianne Deangelis, Alyssa D'Angelo, Elyse Price, Linda Luckmann, Rachel Simone, Joel Bernard
Mentor: Meghan Healey

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Chemistry Hersh Chiral phosphorus compounds via epimerization of acyl phosphonites
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Students: Stella Chow, Edgar Garciaa
Mentor: William Hersh
Urban Studies Hum Flushing and Richmond Hill: a comparative study of the economic recession on Queens' immigrant economies
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Student: Sonia Mohabir
Mentor: Tarry Hum
Psychology Li The effect of texture scale on perceived 3-D shape
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Student: Komal Malik
Mentor: Andrea Li
Aaron Copland School of Music Lipsey The 21st century composer and performer
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Ben Arendsen, Lee Braun, Jung Yoon Choi, Joe Fee, Cynthia Friedman, Blanca Gonzalez, Matt Kasper, Paul Kerekes, Eun Hyung Kim, NaYoung Kim, Laurie Krein, Derek Kwan, Adrienna Mateo, Hiromi Nishida, Vasu Panicker, Joey Prestamo, Daniel Pugatch, Alexandra Rutkowski, Fred Trumpy, Sachie Ueshima, Trevor Wadleigh
Michael Lipsey

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Chemistry Liu Mass spectrometry study and trajectory simulations of gas-phase reverse micelles
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Students: Andrew Bennett, William Pineros
Mentor: Jianbo Liu
Art Nelson From the block to the temple: reconstructing ancient architecture
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Students: Kevin C. Wong, Catherine Song
Mentor: Michael Nelson
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Pekar Investigating climate changes during the hothouse (59-56 million year ago, Ma) and icehouse (34-23 Ma) worlds 2
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Students: Jonathan Ramirez, Anna Chung
Mentor: Steve Pekar
Psychology Pytte Basic research on the regulation of new neurons in the adult brain

Students: Erica Rodriguez, Shoshana Korman, Carole Parent, Sara Wildstein, Sheeba Chacko, Sarah Oberlander, Christine Varghese
Mentor: Carolyn Pytte
Sociology Reed The health and welfare of African immigrants in New York City
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Students: Marina Mani, Bernadette Ludwig
Mentor: Holly Reed
Physics Saini Si nanostructures for third generation photovoltaics 2
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Student: Jin Bakalis
Mentor: Sajan Saini
Aaron Copland School of Music Smith Veteran urban music educators: why they stay in urban schools 3
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Students: Giulia Marino, Thomas Lee, Kunal Singh, Cynthia J. Weinman, Cheryl Woods
Mentor: Janice Smith
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Stewart The impact of phytoplankton diet on copepod reproduction
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Student: Jennifer Nyirucz
Mentor: Gillian Stewart