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Resources for MATH202, Spring 2022

Course information

MATH202 is an overview of multi-variable calculus.

  • Prerequisites: Math 201.

  • Course Coordinator: Moshe Adrian; office Kiely Hall 603; e-mail:
  • Textbook: Essential Calculus, Second Edition, by James Stewart. We will cover Sections 11.6-11.8, 12.6-12.7, 13.1-13.9.
  • Midterms: There will be three midterms.
  • Homework : There will be homework every week, on WebAssign. To sign up, follow these instructions: 1) Go to 2) You will need to register, using the class key " qc 4873 0622 " (without quotation marks). If you have any trouble with webassign, there is a technical support hotline at 1-800-955-8275.
  • Final Exam: There will be no final exam.
  • Grading: The grading scheme will consist of: 25% homework, 25% for each midterm.
  • Professor Office Hours:


  • Week 1: