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Resources for MATH131, Summer 2023

Course information

MATH131 Introduction of the fundamental ideas and techniques of calculus to nonscience students. Special emphasis is given to applications. Topics include functions and graphs; derivatives and differentiation techniques; the marginal concept in economics; optimization methods; compound interest; exponential and logarithmic functions. Not open to students who are taking any other calculus course or have received credit, including transfer credit or advanced placement credit, for any calculus course. Students who fail or withdraw from this course multiple times may be prohibited from majoring in the sciences or mathematics; see the bulletin language for your major.This course satisfies the Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR) requirement of the Pathways General Education Required Core All MQR courses must satisfy the following learning outcomes: MQR 1: Interpret and draw appropriate inferences from quantitative representations, such as formulas, graphs, or tables. MQR 2: Use algebraic, numerical, graphical, or statistical methods to draw accurate conclusions and solve mathematical problems. MQR 3: Represent quantitative problems expressed in natural language in a suitable mathematical format. MQR 4: Effectively communicate quantitative analysis or solutions to mathematical problems in written or oral form. MQR 5: Evaluate solutions to problems for reasonableness using a variety of means, including informed estimation. MQR 6: Apply mathematical methods to problems in other fields of study.

  • Prerequisites: MATH 122, or have a grade of A- or better in MATH 115.

  • Course Coordinator: Moshe Adrian; office Kiely Hall 603; e-mail:
  • Textbook: Essential Calculus, Second Edition, by James Stewart. We will cover Sections 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.7, 3.1, 3.3-3.5, 5.1-5.4.
  • Midterms: There will be three midterms.
  • Homework : There will be homework every day, on WebAssign. To sign up, follow these instructions: 1) Go to 2) You will need to register, using the class key "qc 5608 8624" (without quotation marks). If you have any trouble with webassign, there is a technical support hotline at 1-800-955-8275.
  • Final Exam: There will be no final exam.
  • Grading: The grade will be calculated as follows: 25% Homework, 25% for each midterm.
  • Professor Office Hours:
  • Announcements:

  • Week 1: